Environmentally-friendly and cost-effective energy management

Energy consulting, energy audit and renewable energy in one place – we help your business become sustainable in all respects.

About us

As an energy company based in Budapest, we offer comprehensive services ranging from design through professional consultancy to reviews and regular energy audits. Our professional experience gained over many decades and our highly competent team of specialists guarantee that you – just like any of our customers – will be satisfied with our services.

It has been shown that using renewable clean energy raises your company value, both literally and figuratively. It reduces the company’s operating costs, and at the same time increases the company’s prestige among both the target group and partners. Energy audit is obligatory for large corporations, and an extra for SMEs, which gain obvious competitive advantage from it.


  • Registered Energy Auditor

  • ISO 50001 Internal Auditor

  • Member of the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers

Clean investment

It is in our common interest to protect our environment and yet it is often neglected in favour of daily tasks. However, using renewable energy is an investment that is recouped in both the short and long term: it yields a return that can be measured in Hungarian forints as of the next day, and whose impact will be felt by future generations decades and centuries hence.

Many of us wish to leave our mark in the world, so that our efforts will be recognised by posterity. Seemingly, switching to renewable energy may not have a historic significance, but it is still as important as winning a war – against careless wastefulness.